The Freakin’ Pilot from Blue Skies Magazine talks to some of the worlds premiere extreme air sports athletes to get their take on living life to the fullest, their paths to the “lunatic fringe” and how they fit into the mainstream world while living life on the dark side.

August 10, 2020

Lunatic Fringe with Laurie Lubbe

When you start out your life as a packing weight, you're either going to hate everything about our sport, or you're going to be in it for life. Luckily for Laurie Lubbe the latter is what happened.  The daughter of a French National and World champion in Style and Accuracy, she fell in love with the sport the first time she found herself under her own canopy, and never looked back.  Now herself a sponsored athlete by the French Federation, Laurie takes the time to tell us about what it was like growing up in the sport, her journey to the tunnel life and competitive aspirations, what she believes it takes to chase the title of "Champion", and what life for her has been like in the time of Covid.  Join us for a fun and upbeat chat on this edition of Lunatic Fringe.

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