The Freakin’ Pilot from Blue Skies Magazine talks to some of the worlds premiere extreme air sports athletes to get their take on living life to the fullest, their paths to the “lunatic fringe” and how they fit into the mainstream world while living life on the dark side.

May 25, 2020

Lunatic Fringe with Kaz Sheekey

Proper scared. Kaz Sheekey started out like I imagine a fair amount of us do in skydiving, but for her, just like most of us who decide to make a life out of it, that fear she felt on jump one became a positive driving force, not a deterrent. Immediately attracted to the lifestyle as well as her love of jumping, all it took was a "vacation" to the US to drive her into a 25 plus year love affair not just with skydiving, but with canopy piloting.  A kick ass competitor, Flight One instructor and demo team member to boot, as well as balancing life as a mom in these trying times, Kaz Sheekey takes a bit of her time to share with us her journey into the Lunatic Fringe.

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