The Freakin’ Pilot from Blue Skies Magazine talks to some of the worlds premiere extreme air sports athletes to get their take on living life to the fullest, their paths to the “lunatic fringe” and how they fit into the mainstream world while living life on the dark side.

February 16, 2020

lunatic Fringe with the Matt and Nick Show

Matt Munting. Nicholas Scalabrino.  Heterosexual life mates, BASE wing suit apex predators and all around great fucking guys take the time once again to sit down with The Fuckin' Pilot to fill me in on what sounds like a pretty epic summer season of "sending it". From seriously intense Dam flare's, 270's into cracks and totems off towers, their idea of a good time is the stuff of nightmares to some, but a good fucking laugh to every fuckin' body. Join on in to another fun and informative Lunatic Fringe!

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