The Freakin’ Pilot from Blue Skies Magazine talks to some of the worlds premiere extreme air sports athletes to get their take on living life to the fullest, their paths to the “lunatic fringe” and how they fit into the mainstream world while living life on the dark side.

June 3, 2019

Lunatic Fringe with The PD Factory Team

Across multiple generations and varied backgrounds come the European branch of the PD Factory team to share not only the individual paths taken to reach one of the longest and most successful skydiving teams in the sports history; but to share hard lessons learned, paths to future successes through hard work and team training, the future of canopy piloting though hard earned experience and innovation, and a few laughs along the way over spilt drinks and thick accents. Sit back and enjoy Mr. Pablo Hernandez, Brian Vacher, Armando Fattoruso and brother Mario Fattoruso.

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